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Since 2004, Global Rescue has been the worldwide leader in field rescue, evacuation, security extraction, travel insurance and virtual health services. Global Rescue memberships start at $119, with annual memberships for only $329. We strongly recommend protecting the cost of your trip and other non-refundable travel expenses with travel insurance.

Below is a message from our Global Rescue contact Dan Chomko:

In these uncertain times travel insurance has been pushed to the forefront. Global Rescue alongside our provider IMG has created a cancel for any reason travel insurance policy that can protect clients both prior and during their trip. The cancel for any reason policy comes with all the standard covered reasons like death in the family, illness or injury, weather and work related cancellations which are covered at 100% of the insured cost. It also allows clients to cancel due to border closures, travel bans, travel advisories and any other reason which are all covered at 75% of the insured cost. The policy also includes $100,000 in emergency medical bill coverage which some countries are requiring upon entry. In addition, if someone were to be quarantined due to Covid related circumstances, some of the associated expenses would be covered. A travel insurance policy will cover $250 a day and has a $1,000 limit for trip interruption. If there are medical bills associated with testing positive then those are covered up to $100,000. IMG has explained to us that the quarantine facilities are not considered medical bills. The traveler would have to have Covid bad enough to end up in a clinic or hospital to have those costs covered. As far as the cost of re-booking the flights that covers up to a $300 change fee. So they would use the credit from the flight that they couldn’t take and be reimbursed for the fee.

Below are the requirements related to purchasing and using cancel for any reason:

  • Cancel for any reason must be purchased within 20 days of the initial trip deposit (if costs are added along the way additional cost must be insured within 20 days of being added)
  • All non-refundable trip costs must be insured
  • If cancelling for a non-covered reason a claim can be made for 75%
  • If cancelling for a non-covered reason the trip operator must be alerted 48 hours prior to trip departure

To purchase a policy, click the Global Rescue link below or call +1-617-459-4200 and give them the code ‘Reel Women’.