Reel Belize Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions for guided fishing with reel Belize.

Terms & Conditions

A non-refundable deposit of 50% is required to hold both space and guides on all packages. No space or guide will be held without receipt of deposit. Full pre-payment is due at Reel Belize 90 days prior to arrival. In the event of cancellation deposit may be used at another date or angler within the year. Less than 45 days no refunds.

Upon deposit, I agree to the below cancellation policy.

Angling Guest’s name___________________________.

Changes by Reel Belize:

It is the intention of Reel Belize to operate all tours as advertised. The paying customer agrees to all terms and conditions of Reel Belize as as contract of acceptance. Reel Belize reserves the right at any time to cancel or change any of the facilities, services or prices described on our website (fuel costs, dues, taxes and exchange rates) and to substitute alternative arrangements of comparable monetary value.

Reel Belize will cancel the charter if it is unsafe to go out due to weather. In this case, a full refund will be credited.

Reel Belize boat captains/guides will return guests to their original pick up location for any rude or uncomfortable behavior by angling guests. All angling guests agree to abide by Belize laws and laws governed from Belize Tourism Board* for licensed tour operator’s.

Changes by our Angling Guests:

Any changes to the original booking must be confirmed in writing by the person signing the booking form and must be accompanied by an administration fee of $50 US per booking in addition to any other costs the company, Reel Belize, may occur.

Cancellation’s will be honored with rescheduling a new date within the year or applied to a designated angling guest.

Bad Weather Days:

Bad weather days we still fish as long as it is safe. It’s up to the angling guest to decide if they can handle the conditions. Reel Belize will reschedule during your stay if there is guide availability. 

Angling guests are exposed to weather as they fish. We ask anglers to be prepared with brimmed hats, sunscreen, rain jackets and foot protection. *noted with our pre-trip packing list provided upon deposit.

All angling guests agree that there will be elements of sun, wind and rain exposure and that they can handle these conditions. If at any time the angling guest requires special attention it is up to the guest to communicate this to the boat captain/guide. If the day requires an earlier return for any reason this needs to be communicated to the boat captain/guide.

All angling guests will provide Reel Belize with any known allergies or special medical conditions. 

All angling guests agree to these conditions. Failure to notify Reel Belize of any allergy or medical condition is a breech of this contract.

*Belize Tourism Board for licensed tour operator’s.