Lodging ideas and Hosted Trips!

Create your magical fly fishing adventure in San Pedro, Belize!

Lori-Ann books all the major lodges in Belize at no extra cost to you. She is able to give you guide information and find the best fit for your fly fishing experience. She also has access to private homes, hotels, and yes, places that are off the beaten path for you to explore, fish and create memories to save forever.

Cayo Frances Farm & Fly
This is a magical place, no people, just fish.

Jeff is an avid fly fisherman and an incredible chef! Now he has put his dream into action with Cayo Frances Farm & Fly.

Fly Fishing, fish stories, bbq’s, breakfasts, lounging, libations, relaxing, rejuvenating, gardening, puttering, pottering, paddling, swimming, reading, camp fires, star gazing and lazy, lazy dogs.

Heron’s Rest
Located on the north side of the island, across from Akbol Yoga Studio and centrally located for fishing. $100 US per night.
Blue Dolphin Lodge


Located on the North Side of the Island, San Pedro. The beautiful lodge  has five bedrooms, 5 bath and can sleep up to 12. Arrange a small group or pack em in! The place has a big pool and amazing access for do it yourself fishing on both the seaside and lagoon side. Lori-Ann will arrange for your complete stay. Staff on site, fly fishing and exploring paradise!

Lori-Ann has worked with most of the guides on Ambergris Caye since 2009 and shares great pride  working to provide the highest standard of customer service to fly fishers who visit Belize.