Fishing Report : 2/1/2019

Moon – Last Quarter January 27th.  

Tides – Falling tide this week. Today’s tide is high at 9:47 and low at 1:30. 

General Situation: Cloudy spells and isolated showers at the beginning of the week. The wind moved around and then settled East – our prevailing sea breeze. We did have a huge wind come from the West – it made for huge social media attention as giant waves interrupted Secret Beach. Currently, we have sunny skies and a nice  SE wind at about  3 km/hr – gust up to 10. 

Winds: East-Southeast | 5-15 kts, Sea State: Choppy
Sea Surface Temperature (°f): 80 

Action from our anglers out on the flats this week:


There were so many bonefish in the rivers some guides never went out to the flats! Big bones coming on to the flats as water temps increased. Favorite fly this week: Christmas Island Special, orange, size 6. 


Great permit conditions this week with the falling tide. Permit landed around Rosario Caye and up in the Bacalar Chico Park area. Schools reacted to shrimp patterns being stripped quickly. Favorite fly this week: Peterson’s Spawning Shrimp size 4. 


Tarpon were safe this week from our anglers as they were chasing bones and permit. 


Will and Eduardo went out to scout some water… 7 jacks on fly landed in doing so! 

Photo of the week:

Choose your approach! Flat calm on Tuesday.