Fishing Report February 8th, 2019

Moon – New moon was on the 4th.  

Tides – High today at 7 am .     Low at 1 pm . 

General Situation:  Mostly fair conditions with isolated showers.  The wind stayed strong from the east. Fishing then went to flats on the west side and tucked in places around Congejo. Some really nice bonefishing with the rising tide all week. 

Winds: East-Southeast | 5-15 kts, Sea State: Choppy. By the weekend it was NE with with gusts up to 25 mph.
Sea Surface Temperature (°f): 81 

Action from our anglers out on the flats this week:


Fun tailing bonefish around Congejo (Crab Cayes). Schools found in the San Pedro Lagoon. Lone bones showing up with some size up to six and seven pounds! Which is a big bonefish for Belize. 



We had shots, but permit remained permit in that they refused to eat! Some nice shots and adrenaline rushes. 


They are around. And I know some guides who have had their anglers on fish, but the strong wind kept a lot of boats at bay. 


Snook, snapper, jacks, and barracuda.

Photo of the week:

L-A has some fun out on the flats with our guide Will Robins in his new skiff!