Fishing Report: 2/20/2019

Moon – Full moon February 19th.  

Tides – High today at 10:59 am .     Low at 4:30 pm . 

General Situation:  Mainly fair, warm and dry conditions continue to dominate our weather. The wind came in on Tuesday – gusts up to 30 km/hr ESE. Fly fishing enthusiasts went out regardless. One angler said, “We had fun, caught some bones, but the ride was epic.” Another angler complimented Capt. Arolodo on his managing the boat saying he “missed every big wave!” 

Winds: East-Southeast | 12-25 kts | Gusty, Sea State: Rough-Moderate . *Small Craft Caution in effect for Gusty winds and occasionally Rough seas.* 
Sea Surface Temperature (°f): 80 

Action from our anglers out on the flats this week:


Stacey is here this week for her Bonefish Intensive Trip! She has landed several bones each day out there with Capt. Eduardo in spite of the wind! She is now a double haul wizard! Blessings come in disguises. 


Capt. Eduardo reported shots to permit in the south bays but wouldn’t commit to the fly. Ahhhhh! But then…. Bill and Donny returned this year to fish with us. They went out with Capt. Nestor the first day and landed a nice fish. They went out the second day with Capt.  Alex and had some nice shots and big fun. 


Jim went out with Capt. Aroldo and had a great day. He brought his new tarpon rod that he just built for the trip. It is a beauty! He had shots and follows, and he was thrilled. 


Snook, snapper, jacks, and barracuda.

Photo of the week:

Donny with a nice permit landed with Capt. Nestor this week.